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Hello, I'm Aaron Harun, a New York based
Traveler, Developer and Web Consultant.
You're about to have an "AaHa!" moment.

Aaron Harun, Proprietor I'm a web consultant with almost a decade of experience. I specialize in PHP, Javascript, and WordPress development and making awesome things for people like you.

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Custom Plugins

I build custom plugins both for distribution and single websites. If you have an idea for a new WordPress based business or a new feature, you should contact me to discuss it.

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Web Consultation

Not everyone has all the skills to do it all. That's where I come in. As a consultant, I can help fill the holes in your team and give you the push you need. Let me show you why clients call me a "miracle worker."

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Web Developing

So you've got the idea of the year. You even have a kick-ass design. Now all you need is technical planning and maybe some heavily lifting. Not only can I help manage a team, you can also let me program it for you.
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Recent Posts

How to Remove jQuery Migrate from WordPress 3.6


WordPress 3.6 now automatically includes jQuery Migrate on all pages. If you keep your own jQuery code up-to-date and are sure that none of your plugins are incompatible with jQuery 1.9 or jQuery 1.10.2 (the new default version in WordPress

Sublime Text 3: Open File’s Parent Folder in Linux

Sublime Text 3 Open in File Manager

Here is a very quick script for Sublime Text 3 to open the current file’s parent folder in nautilus for Ubuntu. Installation is simple: edit the keybind files and save the python script below to the ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages/User/ folder. If you

PHP Syntax Highlighting For Prism.js


I wanted to test the newly-released Prism.js since it promised clean markup and easy plugin development, but I found it was lacking a major feature for my own use: PHP Syntax Highlighting. So, letting the code be my guide, I

Add Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4 partitions to Picasa 3 under Windows.


When dual-booting Linux with Windows 7, Picasa will not recognize mounted EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4 partitions under Windows. (First of course, you need to get windows to recognise the partitions with the EXT2Fsd drivers.) To add EXT4 (etc) partitions to